Re-loved, vintage coasters

I fantasize that they're relics from the Titanic's colonial dining hall! 

They look a little like they were salvaged from the deep don't you think?

I used the reverse glued on method for this - it gave a nice authentic look vs using thinners, which gives you more of a faded look. I wanted these to look like they were used, not just old. 
How to get the effect:

The graphics are available on the Free Graphics page here.
  • After a quick wipe I painted one coat of chalkpaint.
  • About 20 minutes later I roughly and randomly sanded the edges, giving the front a scratch here and there too. 
  • Wiped a damp teabag (that had stood for a while first) along some of the edges for extra ageing.
  • Printed the graphics with a laserprinter, back to front, cut them out and positioned them on the coasters.
  • Glued them on with white woodglue and a bit of water to make it a bit more fluid. (between the coaster and paper only, not both sides)
  • 12 hours later I dropped a bit of water on the back, and rubbed the damp paper softly with my finger to 'roll' off the layers of paper on top. (Takes a bit of practice....I also use the thinners on the back method*) Sometimes too much comes off, but you can retouch if needed with some black acrylic artists' paint. 
  • Once that dried (about ten minutes or so) I sealed it with white wood glue mixed almost 1:1 with water (twice to make them more hard wearing)
SEALING: The reason I use white wood glue is because it is non-toxic and water based, I avoid toxic materials as much as possible - too many hazardous fumes and highly flammable*.

Wat doen ander meubelkunstenaars? Kyk gerus onder na fotos van meubelkunstenaars van heinde en ver. Oja... sit gerus eers die ketel aan sodat jy rustig kan bewonder - en leer.