DIY handpainted wall signs ~ with free graphics

I will never look at old scrap wood the same way again...
Michelle King's bedroom art turns an average setting into a stunning interior! Below is a dead easy diy guide and some free lettering to create your own.   

Image from Michelle King's Pinterest board

(PS: Get the printable lettering on the left on the Free GRAPHICS page HERE)

1. Paint a rough strip of wood with a hasty layer of chalkpaint or no paint at all.
(or join 2 or more strips by gluing them all onto a piece of masonite with a gluegun --> another gem in your diy kit!!)

2. Trace the lettering onto a nice rough strip of wood

3.  Fill in the lettering with black acrylic.  Don't worry if it isn't perfect, it's not meant to be ;)
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