It started like this...
Just like you, I fell in love with furniture painting and spent hours (and hours) scrolling Pinterest! 
So I asked my paint chemist genius husband (love those white lab coats ;) ) to check my paint bucket list and give us a paint that gives easy, local (but not lacking international standards) instant shabby chic finishes. The list looked like this:

  • No sanding or prep and tedious priming please. (CLEANING IS VITAL, do read the main article n the home page, friends ~ OIL LEECHES THROUGH CHALK)
  • One coat must be enough. 
  • Typical chalk finishes, be it thick or watered down. 
  • Must stick to wood (old, new, previously painted), and all things interior (I've since discovered it successfully paints pretty much everything including my hair, arms, jeans, curtains...) 
  • High sandability, so you can sand corners and edges softly or a lot for more ageing and that worn look. Porosity, so you can stain the edges easily with teabags (or coloured wax if  you like) for an antique, french finish.
  • Oh and I added that it must be have the usual: water based, non toxic, non hazardous, usable indoors and definitely no methanol!

We did some testing and playing around and very soon afterwards, my beloved presented me with a container of paint that I fell completely in love with. I did also make it available for sale for a few years but heck, time wasn't my friend and I have since stopped the whole retail thing. (For now anyway!)

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Thanks for popping in!