I just can't stop looking at these beautifully painted, distressed and drybrushed, stencilled lovelies...... :o
Distressed, layered and stencilled.

Super Creative!

Subtle colour stencils over blush pink
Stencilled mirrors are too too fabulous!

Semi gloss dresser with matt paint stencilling

Must. stencil. every. single. thing!
Table linen make the perfect canvas!

Release your inner stencil diva with this must-have stencil collection!

20 page ready-to-cut Stencils ~ E-Book
Print them out on card and use your swivel craft knife to cut out your stencils.
These stencils are perfect to embellish home decor (especially as gifts), walls, tiles, T-shirts, cushions and bed linen or table linen.

The perfect beginners Stencil Collection.....$2.50 / R35.00

  • Includes the easy-way-to stencil guide. 
  • Popular text, florals, country style, tiles, angel wings, french words and more.
  • Create rustic signs, gorgeous, wall stencils, cute T-shirts, unique table linen, stunning bed linen, shabby suitcases, stencilled floors....
  • Get your craft knife out and let the fun begin!  
  • (Print your stencils out on light card, or ask your friendly copy shop to print out)

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